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Aircraft Ownership Options

Aircraft ownership doesn't need to be out of reach. There are options for sharing the cost with others and/or offsetting the cost with income.

Fractional Ownership

Instead of individually carrying all the costs of owning a plane, both the purchase price and on-going costs, share those costs with 1-3 ownership partners. We will support you throughout the aircraft ownership lifecycle (fractional ownership set up, aircraft acquisition, transition training, on-going aircraft management, and ownership changes) to help achieve your mobility goals.

Available aircraft

2022 Diamond DA40 NG


Factory new aircraft, with delivery in 2023. This spacious aircraft has all the modern features that you expect: glass panel Garmin avionics, synthetic vision, computer controlled FADEC engine, composite airframe, and modern Garmin avionics. Truly, this is the best way to fly. 


With factory lead times at 18+ months, contact us about securing your factory production slot for a 2023 delivery.


Most aircraft are under-utilized. This results in pre-mature maintenance from lack of use, not to mention paying for storage, insurance, annual maintenance, and subscriptions for an aircraft that is sitting on the ground. Let us pay you to put your airplane to use. In some cases, we can turn your asset into a cashflow positive business. 

Diamond DA40


The DA40 is a fantastic aircraft for instruction and rental. As the core platform in our fleet, these airplanes are well utilized.

Diamond DA42


As the multi-engine version of the DA40, this airplane is a great multi-engine and retractable gear trainer. In addition, it's fast! With a cruise airspeed just below 200 knots, it's a versatile cross-country cruiser.

Cirrus SR22


Well known for it's fast speed and roomy interior, the Cirrus SR22 is a popular high-performance aircraft for those looking to step up after they build time. 

Diamond DA62


With seating up to 7, 185 knot cruise speed and full-family useful load, this airplane is a reliable, year-round flyer. 

Epic E1000 GX


Jet-like speeds with turboprop fuel efficiency, the Epic E1000 is a great choice for business transportation. Unparalleled climb and cruise performance, coupled with short-field landing capabilities, this aircraft will cut down on unnecessary travel time and boost your productivity.

Managed Services

There are a lot of moving pieces to owning an aircraft.


For a flat monthly fee, we provide a turnkey solution for ensuring your aircraft is taken care of and ready when you need it. We oversee all operational details including storage, maintenance, insurance, FAA paperwork, and reporting. All aircraft are maintained using factory trained mechanics. We can arrange professional pilots and aircraft re-positioning wherever you need the aircraft.


Our managed service is designed to make a seamless experience for you.

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