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Reimagine flight

Most aspects of commercial flight is designed around air carrier operational efficiency, with our experience as a secondary consideration. 

We believe you should come first. 

Break up with the airlines

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Dragging the kids through long security lines.

Unexpected flight delays.

Cramped, uncomfortable seats.


Cranky passengers.

Missing luggage.

Ditch the Airport Process

Airports closer to your where you are coming from and actually going - the airport isn't your destination!

Smaller airports with less hassle.

No TSA lines.

No waiting - drive right up to the plane.

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Fly (truly) direct

When we fly with the commercial airlines, we are constrained to the major airports, which are few and far between. When you fly yourself using personal aviation, you open up a new world of over 5,000 public airports. Chances are, there is a public airport in the town or city you want to go to, much closer than the major commercial airport. 

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This level of access opens up new possibilities. From Bend, Oregon (where we are based), you can:

  • Go to a California beach for the day

  • Cross country ski in the Methow Valley (known as the American Alps)

  • Visit Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands for a date with your significant other

  • Travel for business anywhere on the West Coast as a day trip and be back home to your family in the evening

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