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Break up with commercial air travel

Flying on commercial airlines is usually inefficient, unpredictable and exhausting.


At best, it requires driving out of your way to the commercial airport, finding parking, going through TSA security, waiting for your flight, looking for a free overhead spot for your bag, squeezing into a small seat and breathing the same air with strangers.


More than likely, it also includes a layover or two, unpredictable delays and driving a rental car to your ultimate destination at least 30 minutes from the airport where you landed. This is what we've come to expect from air travel.

Yes, there are that many airport options

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With 5,000+ public airports in the US, why waste time flying to the closest hub when you can fly within minutes of your actual destination.

Unparalleled flying safety

According to statistics from the United States government, flying on a plane on average is overwhelmingly safer than driving a car.
- Fortune

The local news loves to feature stories of airplanes crashing into residential neighborhoods. Those same media outlets are less likely to feature stories of all the car accidents that happened. The impression we are left with is that flying is dangerous. The data says otherwise.

We are not content with the status quo, though. We have rigorous training requirements, standardized operational procedures, and we only fly the safest airplanes available on the market. Modern airplanes have built-in safety features that provide even greater margins of safety - and peace of mind. 


Source: Aviation Consumer, January 2012

Elevate your flying expectations

Boundless was created to raise your transportation expectations by defining a new category of travel: personal aviation. With Boundless, you can travel to your final destination, not just the inconveniently located airport hub.  And, you can travel with the same environmental efficiency as your car. 

Skip the TSA line. Bring the baggage you want. Fly direct. Experience elevated air travel.

Diamond DA62 interior with 7 seats

How it works

Boundless is committed to right-sizing your travel plan with your travel needs. Anti-excess means lower cost for you and lower environmental impact. We will work with you to tailor your plan so that it fits with your needs. Our programs include:


Aircraft block lease

Enjoy the benefits of aircraft ownership without the upfront capital expense. Purchase a block number of leased flight hours. You receive all the benefits of a managed flight service without the commitment of owning an aircraft. 


Pay per flight (coming soon)

Just as you purchase a flight from a commercial airline (like Alaska or Delta), pay a flat fee to fly directly to any of the 5,000+ public airports in the US. Flight pricing is based on aircraft used and distance traveled.


Ready to get started?

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