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Learn to fly

Take the controls

Diamond DA40 at sunset

The ability to fly is an experience like no other. Floating above the clouds, taking in landscapes only seen from the air, and the world slowing down while you chart a direct course wherever you point the nose of the plane is nothing short of magical, if not spiritual.  

And let's not forget the ability to skip commercial aviation as we know it today:

  • No long drive to the commercial airport

  • No parking at a distant lot

  • No TSA line

  • No stressing about what luggage you can or cannot bring

  • No waiting at the gate

  • No squishing into seats next to strangers

  • No layovers

With personal aviation, you fly where you want to and according to your own schedule. 

Your pilot story begins with a few butterflies. 

Diamond DA50 flying near the clouds

At Boundless we aim to channel that excitement and put you on a path from brand new to capable and proficient pilot.  You’ll work with your own professional flight instructor on mastering the skills and decision-making to become a safe pilot. 

Why Boundless

We have crafted unique training experience like no other

Learning to fly is challenging; working with the flight school and instructors shouldn't be. We've had our own frustrations renting antiquated aircraft, working with junior instructors, and having to figure out on our own what's expected of us by the FAA. We built the Boundless Flight School compiling what we wish we had in a training program: use modern aircraft, learn from top-notch instructors that have significant real-world flying experience, and utilize a structured program that lets you know exactly what is expected of you.

A one-on-one training experience

Diamond DA40 NG trainer cockpit view

This personalized approach to training sets Boundless apart. Our instructors have extensive real-world flying experience and love to teach. They aren't just building time but are committed to seeing you become a capable pilot. 


We are committed to equipping you with the skills and experience that will allow you to utilize your pilot’s license once you have your license. 

Because of the 1:1 training, you schedule instruction on your schedule: morning, afternoon, weekends, whenever you need.

Gain and refine your pilot skills with our comprehensive membership

Flying yourself is a unique experience, unmatched by almost any other adventure, recreation or hobby. We believe personal aviation should be accessible to the next generation of pilots. We offer a structured pilot training program that supports you in achieving your next flying goal - and staying proficient after you've reached your goals. 

Diamond DA40 flying in the mountains

Fly in modern aircraft

We are proud of our modern, efficient aircraft fleet. They all offer state-of-the-art glass panel avionics, including synthetic vision and autopilot. They also have modern FADEC engines - no more confusing propeller and mixture control knobs. All our aircraft run on unleaded fuels with far fewer carbon emissions than the typical older and less fuel efficient training aircraft. 

Fly in safe aircraft

Our brand new Diamond aircraft have an impeccable safety record and are a joy to fly.  

We believe you should be able to learn to fly in the safest aircraft available on the market today.

General aviation aircraft safety

Our training programs

We've built comprehensive, structured training programs that will help you reach your next aviation goal - and ensure you will be a safe and capable pilot after the FAA exam.


The first step to become a pilot is the private pilot certificate. After that, what certificates, ratings, and add-on training courses you need will depend upon your aviation goals. Each of our courses are designed as modular building blocks that can be assembled together to help you realize your aviation aspirations. It can feel overwhelming at first trying to understand all of the different options and requirements - we are here to help. Contact us and we can help you craft your custom training plan that fits with you.  ​

Training Courses

Private Pilot License

Foundational certificate to start your flying journey.

Min flying time: 40 hours (note: the national average is 65-85 hours)



Instrument Rating

Start flying in the clouds.

Min flying time: 40 hours (flying by instruments)


Commercial Pilot License

Get paid to be a pilot.

Min flying time: 250 hours (total time)


Multi-Engine Rating

Fly aircraft with two or more engines.

Typical training time: 10 hours


Flight Instructor

Build flight time while training others how to fly.

No additional flying time required

Accelerated Training

Diamon DA40 Garmin G1000 NXi panel

Accelerated Instrument

7 day training program with dedicated CFII

Prerequisites: completed written test, 40 hours PIC cross country, 10 hours instrument, current flight review

Diamond DA42 airplane on the ramp

Accelerated Commercial

6 day training program with dedicated CFII

Prerequisites: completed written test, 240 hours total time

Diamond DA62 airplane

Accelerated CFI/II

10-14 day training program with dedicated CFII

Prerequisites: completed written tests, spin certification, current with commercial maneuvers

Additional Training

da42 in flight over snow.jpg

Real-world Instrument Adventure

4 day training program with dedicated CFII

Experience real-world IMC conditions in the PNW as you shoot approaches along the coast of Oregon, in the mountains of Washington / Idaho, and high altitude flying over the Rockies. Gain confidence flying into 12+ airports.

DA62 Transition Training

Learn how to fly this capable long distance flyer.

Multi-engine, FIKI, retractable gear, onboard radar

da62 flying.jpeg
Diamon DA40 Garmin G1000 NXi panel

Glass Panel Transition

Learn how to fly using modern avionics.

G1000, flight director, auto pilot, FADEC

Diamond DA40 flying in the mountains

Mountain Flying

Enjoy safely flying in mountainous areas.

Mountain waves, box canyons, rapidly changing weather

Diamond DA42 airplane on the ramp

Rusty Pilot Refresher

Get back in the left seat after some time off.

G1000, flight director, auto pilot, FADEC

Additionally, we can assist you with ​your instrument flying proficiency check (IPC), a flight review, or provide a safety pilot for more demanding missions.

Introductory Flight

Many people start their pilot journey by taking an introductory flight.


You will get a guided tour of the airplane and its controls before taking off for a local flight around Bend. You will have the opportunity to fly the airplane yourself under the watchful eye of one of our experienced flight instructors..

Don’t hit pause on your business while you train.

Training can be difficult to squeeze in with work and personal time constraints.


Our answer: integrate them together.


Train while you travel for work in our quick, capable aircraft, with our seasoned instructors. 

sunset with wing.jpg

Ready to get started?

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