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Who We Are

How does it feel to fly commercial? Is it freeing? Is it something you look forward to? Or just something you endure to get from point A to point B?

Commercial flights are for passengers. Passive travelers settling for a passive ride.

But you?

You’re a flyer.

We believe that flying is meant to be experienced. We believe the sky should be enjoyed, not just seen. So, forget the small window, wrap yourself in a panoramic vista. Forget the limited schedules, take your own path, on your own time. Give yourself some room and give yourself a flight experience to look forward to.

Boundless Aviation is devoted to the flyers. The people who crave the freedom of flight. To those who desire safety and a refreshing travel experience. And anyone who wants a travel journey that is anything but standard.

Our aviation services provide direct access to over 5,000 US airports. Our flight training services offer customized programs for pilots of all experience levels. And our ultramodern aircraft provide a secure, dependable travel experience, with comforts that have been missing from commercial airlines for far too long.

The sky is meant to be experienced, not passed by.

Be Boundless. Be a Flyer.

Our Mission

Make personal aviation accessible to everyone 

Our Core Beliefs

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We are all humans, worthy of respect

We are all learning

Fun adventures are safe adventures

The journey is better when enjoyed together


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