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Piloting adventures from point A to B.

Flights to over 5,000 airports​, available to all flyers.

Boundless Aviation is devoted to those that want to discover the freedom of personal flight.  From pilot training to plane ownership, we are here to support your journey.


Fly in Style

Explore ultramodern aircraft and discover your new favorite way to adventure. 


On your Mark

No TSA, no big airport, your schedule. It's travel the way it should be.

Cut your travel time by 50% – and do it on your schedule. With over 5,000 public airports in the US, it’s time to experience flying truly direct.

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We Love Flying Adventures as Much as You Do



Flight training with them is a breath of fresh air. Flying their Diamond D40 is such a great contrast to the older planes available elsewhere, don’t know if I can ever go back.



I had been cruising around building hours in the good ol' Cessnas until I found Boundless and their fleet of Diamonds.

I am absolutely spoiled.



I would highly recommend getting in touch with Boundless Aviation whether you’re interested in learning to fly, furthering your aviation experience, or needing to find a quicker way to travel.

Why Fly Boundless?

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Direct to your actual destination.

Modern aircraft.


Tailored for your needs.

Discover your new favorite way to adventure. 


Liberate Yourself

Explore new locations, dream of new experiences, and fuel your wanderlust. 

Recent Adventures in Flight

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Ready to Fly Boundless?

Get your questions answered and launch into your own personal aviation experience.

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